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POEA License No.: POEA-043-LB-102317-R

Welcome to one of Asia's best providers of Filipino professionals all over the world. Finding the right people for the job is always crucial to any company that demands the best from its team. As fast as the workforce is growing, the pool is equally getting harder to sort through. With iRekrut, we make it our business to make sure you get the best choices your HR requirements need. Our expertise in providing top candidates, regardless of how large or small-scale your business is, for all placement levels, is offered alongside a quality support system that will guarantee satisfaction and a dynamic relationship between you and your future team and a long-lasting partnership with iRekrut. Mission To become the Partner of Choice of Foreign Employers for the recruitment of world-class Filipino overseas workers and professionals committed to the highest productivity and efficiency in the achievement of their economic and social objectives. Company Background Experience is always key to astute industry knowledge and sincere value for service. iRekrut has been established by key officers with proven track records in Human Resource Management, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Labor Laws and Information Technology. We pride ourselves for our expanding list of loyal clientele. Our service coverage has global reach, as far as an established manpower consulting presence in the Middle East and Asia Pacific Region. For added value service and resource, iRekrut are strong partners with major financial service companies for Recruitment Outsourcing and Talent Management & HR Planning locally and internationally.
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